Voluntariado y proyectos europeos 

ITALIA TF 2016. Italian Tool Fair. Selected and Invited by the Italian Youth Agency for Youth, to present Spanish experience and tool of training citizenship participation. Rome 3-6 October 2016 (Agenzia Nazionale per i Giovani). The ToolFair is an event created to facilitate the meeting of youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, working at national level with trainers of neighbouring European countries who are able to work in the Italian language.


LOOK BEYOND. Evaluation of the European Youth in Action Program (2007-2012). Macedonia, 14 countries. 2014. ID YiA 2013-5460 (CID).


LABOUR FOR YOUTH. Youth unemployment and social inclusion (partner). A model for the development of skills and competences. Turkey, Spain, Israel, Moldova, Macedonia, Italy, Latvia. 2013. ID: TR-31-E31-2013-R1 (SOGED.)


SMILING DREAMS (partner). Prevention of violence against women and gender equality in Europe. Turkey, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Moldavia. 2011-2012. ID: TR-31-133-2011-R5 (CEIPES).

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